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Tony and Kathy Miller have 40 years of Real-Life experience in full time ministry. Through their unique anointing, God has commissioned Tony and Kathy to hold up the hands of front line leaders around the globe! Bishop Miller truly is a Pastor to Pastors. Their humble beginnings as youth ministers in 1978 led to launching a new church in South Florida in 1990, planting dozens of churches of over the decades, and moving to Oklahoma City in 2006 to revive one of the leading full-Gospel churches in America where they currently pastor. They have seen their strategic leadership and dynamic preaching produce plentiful fruit and have personally trained over 300,000 leaders. As committed senior leaders they are both dedicated to building the Gate Church in Oklahoma City upon full Gospel, Pentecostal values with an expressive congregation of believers that focus on being not only filled up, but also poured out. Since the launch of the Gate Church, they have seen over 5,000 people answer to the call of Salvation, and the congregation grow from just a few hundred to over 3,000 in 

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